Alison Berry

artist | painter


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Alison Berry’s cartographic paintings present a conceptual geography of ideas and information, revealing a landscape of shared knowledge and cultural history. Her work visualizes a contemporary “known world” based on scientific respect for the laws of nature, and explores the relationship between natural history, human society, technology, and the environment.

Born in England and raised in the USA by scientist parents with opposing religious views, her interest in differing cultural perspectives arose early. At Yale as an undergraduate (BA 1980), Berry turned her academic focus from philosophy to visual art. Studying Maya iconography and epigraphy, she became preoccupied with the role of symbolic language in art, and was inspired to seek an individual pictorial vocabulary with which to investigate both personal and cultural questions. She completed graduate studies at The New York Studio School (1981-2) and Brooklyn College (MFA 1990).

She has taught at Brooklyn College and the Maryland Institute of Art and Design. Her work is exhibited nationally and is included in many private and semipublic collections. She lives and works in New York City and in Treadwell, NY.

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portrait of artist Alison Berry in her studio