Alison Berry

artist | painter


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Alison Berry's cartographic paintings explore a conceptual landscape of ideas and information - a "known world" where science and the laws of nature give rise to the cosmos, the biosphere and human society. Asking traditional humanist questions such as "who are we, where have we come from and where are we going?", Berry seeks answers from physics rather than metaphysics, and finds a spiritual connection in nature. At Yale as an undergraduate (BA 1980), Berry turned her academic focus from philosophy to visual art. She completed graduate studies in painting at The New York Studio School (1982) and Brooklyn College CUNY (MFA 1990). Inspired by Maya art and epigraphy, manuscript illumination, and Persian miniature painting, she has developed a unique pictorial vocabulary and a worldview that is both scientifically coherent and psychologically resonant. Her work has been exhibited nationally at galleries such as The Painting Center, NYC, and Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia PA, and is included in many private and semipublic collections. She has taught at Brooklyn College and the Maryland Institute of Art and Design, and lives and works in New York City and Treadwell, NY.

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portrait of artist Alison Berry in her studio